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An award given at events like state fairs for growing the biggest pumpkin or having the tastest fried chicken.
Colonel Sanders clicked his heels when he won the Blue Ribbon at the Kentucky State Fair.
by Phrenesicko Decapitate May 23, 2005
What you call a chic who is exceptionally pretty/hot/sexy, or in an above the rest category.
You see her over there, now that chic is blue ribbon.
by Squad Up December 02, 2008
to have sex with others including a goat, It is called a blue ribbon because you would need the finest goat from the fields of wisconsin, a prize winner that is. Could be oral or anal.
When Tim entered the hot tub as he sat next to Susie and Mattias, a goat raised its head out of the water, Mattias stated we are having a blue ribbon tonight.
by dirty dirts July 02, 2006
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