Top Definition
Almost the same as login -- means entering a system
with own username and password, or the state of being logged on itself.
Logon screen -- a screen which displays logon options,
found for example in Windows operating system.
Logonui.exe -- an executable in Windows system32 dir, which defines the look and feel of the logon screen.
Hacker: see at my new 1337 customized logon screen!
Other dude: woooooooooow, but I got longer penis than u...
by ...:::HTMLCODER.exe:::... February 18, 2008
Very large penis.
Did you see his logon, its the same size as a horses penis.
by Snarf March 02, 2003
a dance carried out to dancehall (ragga music)
also see chi-chi man
logon and step 'pon chi-chi man
by ANON October 30, 2003
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