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awsome company for computer gear trust this company
by Strong Bad May 10, 2003
A computer speaker/keyboard/mouse/cam/gaming products manufacturer with great quality.
I got this awesome new logitech mouse.
by Amer August 02, 2003
this company makes the leetest mice and keyboards ever. their MX line of optical mice kickass.
"w00t! my MX500 pwnz that shitty M$ intellimouse explorer!"
by amd>intel December 26, 2003
The company who made the light-censor mouse I am using for my computer.
Microsoft's light-censor mouse's left-click broke off! Thank God for Logitech.
by Bastardized Bottomburp August 02, 2003
a wicked company, i own logitech mouse, keyboard, speakers, webcam, game pad, headset, and a PS2 and XBOX logitech wireless controller. THEY RULE! See awesome and kickass and or your mom oh.. and i'm from california i live in san diego.. YAHUM
logitech was so good, i wrote a definition about them
by weiner man sr. December 05, 2003