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A computer speaker/keyboard/mouse/cam/gaming products manufacturer with great quality.
I got this awesome new logitech mouse.
by Amer August 02, 2003
A sub-compact car, which is extremely fun to drive and is probably the best car on gas (except hybirds), not very fast but very fun and can be parked anywhere.
Geo Metro, Suzuki Swift, Pontiac Firefly, Chevy Sprint, its all the same!
by Amer December 20, 2003
Greatest kid ever, pure genious, he should try for World Idol.
Gellieman is my hero!
by Amer January 20, 2004
A commercialized holiday that is designed to make you and your "significant other" fall in love even more. Or, gives you the opportunity to tell your "crush" that you love them and what not. But really just ends up making 90% of the population depressed and lonely. Also causing a lot of girls to get typical gifts with no originality whatsoever because they advertise every girl wanting a rose and a box of chocolates.
Him: "Here honey I bought you a dozen roses"
Her: "Oh, how original, thanks honey" in a complete sarcastic tone while thinking, wow another dozen rozes i can display for 2 days then throw away.
by Amer February 14, 2005
A ska band which OWNS!!!!!!!!
There isn't a thing like hearing the horns from a Less Than Jake song.
by Amer August 02, 2003
A very delicious substance made up of whatever it is you are eating.
Damn I'm hungry, I need some FOOD!
by Amer December 15, 2002
I'd like to clarify the whole all girls who play WoW are fat and ugly and easy. I'm a girl that plays WoW I'm NOT fat nor am I ugly. WoW is one of the most addictive games online, taking up a lot of your time and money.. and friends. It is also one of the most wicked awesome games ever invented. With the exception of soulbound items and such it is definetly better than, dare I say, Halo.
Most of the girl characters on WoW are actually guys that are complete pervs with nothing better to do in life but watch an animated girl run around and hack at things with her sword while dancing like a complete whore. But the rest of the girl characters are actually girls playing WoW, most are fat and ugly but you will find the rare awesome looking one that looks just as hot as their computer animated character.
by Amer March 13, 2005

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