A giant Decepticon with praying mantis powers, causing him to be dubbed "Predacon". He is adept at sending immense amounts of spam at one time.
by Mwargh February 03, 2010
Logan is the perfect name for a guy. They are usually really funny and sweet. And kind of on the sexual side. They are amazing guys.
Man, I wish I had Logan as my Boyfriend! He is so funny and sweet! He stands up for me when I need it!
by Megacil November 06, 2012
Logan's are sweet, kind, and loyal. They always try to protect the ones they love and care about and would do anything for their friends. They have dreamy voices and one look from them will make your heart melt. They also have a great sense of humor and love to make the ones they love laugh. They're amazing and inventive lovers and are always sure to please their partner. A night spent with a Logan will be the best of your life, though you'll wake the next morning sore and in serious need of hydration. If you are lucky enough to have caught the interest of a Logan, be sure to hang on to them.
by LRWalker May 29, 2013

L- Love and compassion for my fellow man.

O- Organizational skills.
G- Gladiatorial determination.
A- Anonymity, I'm not doing this for fame.
N- Never give up attitude.
vote Logan Spence for a brighter future today!
by ghettoninja27 September 28, 2011
A Logan is a very kindhearted person of a good Christian background. A Logan is usually a very good cook. A Logan also has a great heart. A Logan is usually very attractive.
Logan is such a great cook!
see spaghetti
by Twayne1219 May 04, 2013
an unbelievably beautiful and loving girl with an enormous heart who is absolutely adorable. though she is very sweet, she is also very dirty and great in bed. Logan brings the fire like most guys couldn't even handle. anticipation between meetings always keeps me on edge as i look forward to star gazing dates and getting to reconnect. physically and mentally ;)
That girl's such a Logan.

" I wish I was Matt, so I could have a Logan."
by lovesmr.adams(: November 28, 2011
Logan's are the coolest kid's you'll ever know, they know how to treat a lady right, and can always tell when something's wrong, you see these Logan's are a rare bread with ginger hair, pale and perfect little freckles on his cheeks, shoulders and back. Logan's usually have the hot's for blondes.. but once they come to their senses, they realize they have a think for brunettes, But a certain Logan had the hots for a certain Amanda. Logan's and Amanda's are always the perfect combo, they're personalities can be total opposites and yet they can fit together perfectly<3
"Did you see that Logan?"
"Yeah, it's too bad he's with an Amanda, I'll bet they'll never break up!"
by thatonebetch95 April 01, 2012

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