A douchewiper of a whiteboy who stays home playing x-box all day playing with his pickle. He is also a korean lover most likely. Also he hates gingers unless thier woman who shoot well. On ocasion he is known to argue with 62 year old Vietnam Veterans and African-American Navy Retirees. He has an unusally small penis surrounded in a forrest of undergrowth and pine trees.
white choci 1 "hey man did you see that logan riding 1-67 yesterday???"

White choci 2 "yeah man it was the shit fo shizzle in and out my izzzle!"
by and who are you? April 10, 2009
A hot guy who will not make a commitment to anyone, he is just out for a good time. This makes him look like a flake, but the reality is he is just too self-centered to care about anybody else’s feelings. Don’t get involved with this guy, unless all you want is mediocre sex.
That guy's name should be Logan, hot but sucks in bed.
by a-a-d-chapman August 28, 2010
An infamous douche bag with no heart.
My boyfriend had sex with my best friend. "Hes a Logan."
by BeepBuggieBeep September 20, 2010
Logan is the perfect name for a guy. They are usually really funny and sweet. And kind of on the sexual side. They are amazing guys.
Man, I wish I had Logan as my Boyfriend! He is so funny and sweet! He stands up for me when I need it!
by Megacil November 06, 2012
an unbelievably beautiful and loving girl with an enormous heart who is absolutely adorable. though she is very sweet, she is also very dirty and great in bed. Logan brings the fire like most guys couldn't even handle. anticipation between meetings always keeps me on edge as i look forward to star gazing dates and getting to reconnect. physically and mentally ;)
That girl's such a Logan.

" I wish I was Matt, so I could have a Logan."
by lovesmr.adams(: November 28, 2011
1. A large solid bowel movement. Typically one that sinks in the toilet or looks somewhat like a Log.
2. A douche bag guy who would be more appreciated and useful if he were a sunken piece of poop in a toilet.
-Hey can you believe that guy, all he does is lie, steal and cheat.
-Ya i know, he is such a Logan!
by Giahhh June 13, 2010

L- Love and compassion for my fellow man.

O- Organizational skills.
G- Gladiatorial determination.
A- Anonymity, I'm not doing this for fame.
N- Never give up attitude.
vote Logan Spence for a brighter future today!
by ghettoninja27 September 28, 2011

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