Logan's are super sexy guys, they are tan and muscular. Logan's are usually shy around girls cause they don't realize how sexlicious they are. They host the best parties in school but tend to get a little drunk. You can get lost in their beautiful blue eyes. Logan's are great football players, they're lots of times linebackers. They are also mostly caught up on one girl since a young age and can't let go of it, even if other prettier, nicer,and smarter girls are interested. This girl will accept gifts from them and hang out with them all the time whilst constantly breaking their heart. Logan is very sweet even if you're annoying him he'll pretend like you're not and continue to be nice too you. Logan has a big family with lots of siblings, overall logan is the sweetest boy you might ever meet, not to mention the hottest
Logan is sooo hot, I wish he wasn't so hung up with *blank*

Logan is beyond delicious, he makes me want to push him in a closet and.. ya know
by whiskey and gin September 24, 2011
Really hott guy with an amazing personality, Knows his limits and doesnt try to act cool. Treats his girlfriend really good and never tries to fight with her. Loves her to death and would give her the world if he could. Intelligent, smart individual and amazing in bed!
oh damn logan, your so amazing!
by HisGirl! February 20, 2011
the sexiest man in the world!
David Hasselhoff is a logan!
by willi August 03, 2007
once believed as the real name of Wolverine before his past was revealed
"Name's Logan, but most know me as Wolverine...and I'm the best there is at what i do!"
by tigersflame March 11, 2009
LOGAN is not just a guy name, LOGAN can also be a very sexy female.
that GIRL Logan is fine
by MadGirl09 June 14, 2009
a really cute guy. he's hilarious at times, but usually really quiet and reserved. when he's with his friends he is loud and funny. and he's super nice. he's also very athletic and reasonably smart. he wears dark clothing. he's very tall. his eyes are a bright blue. his hair is brown. his smile is adorable, but he doesn't smile very often. he likes making a grunting noise for attention, and its super funny.
people: logan why are you making sex noises
logan: WHAT? nooo that's nasty! *grunt*
by imjustaface December 27, 2010
An eponym: the SI unit for measuring penis (1 Logan= pi inches of penis). The original Logan was a member of the Harvard Glee Club sometime in the mid-90s.
The average erect male penis measures 2 Logans in length and 1/2 Logan in diameter.

I am soft-packing for that coveted 3-Logan look.

by tiler222 May 12, 2006

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