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In video-gaming, the act of pressing your gamepad's buttons as quickly as possible, often randomly.
A technique employed by the uninitiated in fighting games, sometimes to great effect, highlighting the brainlessness of the button-bashing genre.
The descriptively more accurate and better-sounding progenitor of the 'button-mashing' bastardization.
"I don't want to play fighting games with you because it's just mindless button-bashing. Plus, you're black"
by Goatlips July 12, 2008
Toilet, especially when used to take a dump. 'Throne' - meaning the place you sit to defaecate. See: 'log cabin'
Party-goer needing a shit: "Where's the throne room mate?"
Home owner: "It's at the end of the hall, and I'm not your mate you Cockney prick!"
by Goatlips July 23, 2008
1. A humorous name, term, or term of endearment for a fat, or slightly overweight, person.

2. A humorous name, or term, for a morbidly obese person, provided they don't hear you.
Woman: "Does my bum look big in this?"
Partner: "Of course it does Gigantopotamus"

From the words gigantic and hippopotamus.
See: Chunkosaurus
by Goatlips July 12, 2008
1.Meme-propagating media, including - the internet, advertising, news media, or television show.

2.Something that creates a meme.

3.Cause of a social or cultural awareness.

4.Creator of knowledge about something which may not merit attention.

The reason why sheeple think 'Silent Shout' by The Knife was album of the year 2006, and that Arctic Monkeys are a great band. Why you know who (insert name of talentless nobody) is.

"The meme machine must've been in full affect to have influenced me into buying that awful U2 album with a naked, pre-pubescent, boy on the cover"

by Goatlips December 29, 2007
Snide Face Syndrome, or simply Snide Face, is an acute condition that occurs when meeting an acquaintance after a long period of absence and lack of contact.

SFS sets in at the point of reunion due to uncertainty of the status of the relationship. One, or both parties, may feel it is right to present a smile. The smile, however, is forced due to the uncertainty of the friendship and results in a contorted, snidey-looking face.

This facial contortion is uncontrollable and can be felt spreading up the face, causing great anxiety to the sufferer, and often lasts for the duration of the conversation.
Old acquaintance: "Hello there...Sorry, I've forgotten your name."
John: "Hi, it's John." *Snide Face Syndrome*
by Goatlips December 30, 2009
Burned. To suffer burning of the skin. Especially severe or 3rd degree burns.

Taken from 'Simon Weston', famous Welsh burns victim who was brainwashed into getting toasted for 'Queen and country', along with 150 other sheeple, aboard RFA Sir Galahad. Compare: reeved
"I nearly westoned myself with a pop-tart earlier!"
by Goatlips July 23, 2008
1. Someone who randomly or vigorously presses or 'bashes' buttons, especially those of video game controllers. See: button-bashing.

2. A video game where the gameplay descends into the mindless random, or repeated, pressing of a button or buttons. See: button-bashing.

3. A fighting (video) game, such as Virtua Fighter, Soulcalibur or Tekken, etc.
"I'm not playing Tekken with you because it's just a mindless button-basher. Plus, you're gay."
by Goatlips July 12, 2008

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