Any locally manufactured, lower-quality ecstacy pill. Usually without a print (logo) on it.
"You wanna buy any locals? Half the price of normal pills."
by Diego August 25, 2003
badass beyond human explaination.
That guy is local.

I wish I was as local as that guy.

Don't mess with him, he's local.

Jake, Andre, Miles, Beebe
by Jake Woods January 09, 2008
1) One who has gone through 4 cars in 2 years of driving.
2) One who has a stupid-ass chin beard.
3)One who likes boys
"You are such a local!"
by Rob March 18, 2003
A hot babe, usually jailbait seen while visiting another town. Usually either a total whore or unobtainable.
"Dude, I haven't seen a local in this whole damn town. This place sucks"
by Smokey5oh August 19, 2008
Being of the local race. One who sleeps with his/her own mother or relative. One who lives in Localville, USA. One who is not of the upper class because they meet any of the following qualifications:

1.) Uses duct tape like candy
2.) Fails or gets a semester letter grade lower than a C in Earth & Space Science
3.) One who ridicules those more intelligent than him/herself.
4.) Sleeps with more than one person at a time
5.) Owns a "business" in any Britt World Wide (BWW) branch (Yes, this includes the cult of Quixtar)
6.) One who runs for office yet has their own gospal sing television show.
7.) One who is seventeen and still does not have a valid state license to operate a moving automobile.
My god, you are so local!

Oh no! The locals are gathering, run!
by Kurtis March 08, 2003
imperial fassys that think they are bad n roll like chavs giving shines at all times.
Oi man. Aks and Shiv and Vips and Pranav are all locals man.
by local October 29, 2004
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