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A phrase that mean "Laughing my socks off" evolved from the explicit version of lmao.
Person 1: I like to pick my nose and then massage the boogers on my anal orifice
Person 2: lmso!
by huh20 July 10, 2008
laughing my socks off

used by those who aren't allowed to say ass
Kelly: Did you see the show last night?
Tyler: Yeah, it was so funny.
Rosie: I know! It was sooo lmso!
by IKnowWhatYouDidLastSummer! January 31, 2010
1. Laughing my smile off. because it sounds more bad ass then "laughing my socks off"

2. A perversion of lmao
Beth: On my way to school today I slipped and fell in the mud, tried to get up and slipped again!

Kyle: lmso!

Kyle: lmao***
by killedjoo April 07, 2009
Laughing my socks off, generally used in internet chats.
Helen: What is the difference between peanut butter and jam?
Chris: I know this joke. lmso.
by larbac April 20, 2012
Abbreviation for Laugh my Scrotum off
Bob~ "Hey dude, remember that funny thing i did last night?"

Jack~ "yeah, LMSO"
by A7Xrules112 January 07, 2011
"Laugh my shit(s) out."
Person 1: I collect my boogers in a Ziplock bag.
Person 2: LMSO!
by cheeeeezystix March 20, 2010
Laughing my snatch off
Justin: "Stop everything you are doing!! Think about ME for 3 secs...1...2....3! You just experienced the best 3 secs of your life."

Donna: Thanks Justin, I'm LMSO!
by donna/justin October 12, 2009

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