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Abbreviation for Laughing My Obese Ass

Originating in some kind of msn convo as a typo and then spreading like aids, lmoa is somehow derrogatory for the user himself/herself, like you use it when you try to call yourself fat. It's theorized but not proven that fat emos use this term frequently.
kevo: woah i can hear thunder
I_L1K3_2_e@t_c@k3: its my chair shaking while im lmoaing
kevo: WTF
I_L1K3_2_e@t_c@k3: yeh lmoa, mm chocolate fudge is delicious
kevo: stop eating
I_L1k3_2_e@t_c@k3: lmoa
I_L1k3_2_e@t_c@k3: ARGGGH i just cut my own cake into 2 pieces that was painful.
kevo: ....
(kevo is now offline)
by k3v0_ August 31, 2009
lmoa is text speak for "love my orcas ass"
it came from a misspelling for lmao but is much funnier
bob: *says something funny*
sarah: lmoa
bob: ur orca? not me *gasp*
by teehee837 March 24, 2010
Common shorthand for Laugh My Ass Off.
BOB: What did ya think of that?
by Trowa Strife July 11, 2005