An totally hot, awesome and kick arse mutant from my favourite movie, The Hills Have Eyes (body count 17!). He is so named Lizard because of his almost supernatural agility, and because of the chain of spikes he uses to cause car accidents (as well as hit stupid people with) when he is not using it it drags behind him like a lizard tail. He also shoots people with a magnum. He is very thin, but extremely strong and muscular. He is disfigured with a cleft lip and a deformed jaw, which I think only adds to his legendaryness.
Lizard is the one of the leaders of Jupiter's clan in The Hills Have Eyes, he is also the most violent.
by Lizardlovesme17 November 13, 2007
Generic term for a male or sometimes female. An adaptation of the scouse slang 'lid' and is usually used for people with a scrawny, lizard-like physique. Some say it originated in Burscough, Lancashire and is now widely used in the surrounding areas.
Stu: Hows it goin lizard?

Adam: Sound!
by samwisegamgee87 October 13, 2010
an mental guy/girl who dont give a give a shit. and will kill for a snickers.
ben: that guys a lizard
micheal:i know
harrison:dont go near him he doesnt give a shit
by steveoooooo April 06, 2009
the non-sexual act (similar to hugging) that often happens between friends, lovers, or any other acquaintances, or any inanimate object that involves flicking your tongue back and forth against theirs.
Person A: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you want to lizard me right now?
Person B: 5...HUNDRED!!
by Sax Kitten October 24, 2010
slang to describe someone of Asian decent.

Primarily professional baseball players.
That Lizard (Hong-Chih Kuo) didn't look very good in the All-Star game
by Giant American July 14, 2010
A euphemism used by author David Icke for the Jewish population.
"The lizards control the world."
by Chaim Lebowitz December 29, 2003
A hippie term for penis.
Cover up your lizard, Gene.
by David September 15, 2004
A slang for a semi truck due to the movement it makes, particularly during a wind storm.
Interstate 80 can be slow going in the winter due to the large number of lizards.
by New English December 28, 2008

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