1. A grouping of animals that share similar features. (e.g. cold-blooded, scales etc)

2. A race of 12-foot extra-dimensional beings that a few harmless crackpots like Icke believe rule the world.
Actually if you'd read up on David Icke, you'd see that when he says lizards he really does mean 12-foot reptiles from the fourth dimension. (Which doesn't mean he doesn't harbour some bordeline anti-semitic beliefs, just that the lizards aren't one of them). The guys a harmless maniac, not the next Hitler.
by Paranoia833 June 20, 2004
When you are so high on marijuana, ganja, or pot, that your eyes become red enough to make you look like a lizard of some sort. This is usually reffered to tall, lanky, tan people, or pale short people with red eyes.
Jesus, Bernard looks like a Lizard.

How high was that fool
-He looked like a straight lizard!
by AJ La Flare August 08, 2011
What someone might see while high on drugs. See "spiders" also.
Lizards! Shit! Get 'em off!!
by the_writer_side June 22, 2004
All of the following are examples of lizards "lizzads"

That bitch tounges around like a lizard.
That pussys been beat so many times its rough like lizard skin.
Small quick little rave slut.
by kykezilla May 20, 2013
Lesbian wizard.
"Look at that lizard!"
by herpderplizard October 20, 2011
Verb for doing nothing, even in odd situations.
I am lizarding.

That was a rather lizard reaction.

Oh, what a lizard thought.
by thingshappen February 14, 2011
Lizard = Dick, Pennis, Hammer, Cock, wherewer you call it.
"If you squeze my lizard, I'll put my snake on you"
by Mali_BU April 22, 2010

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