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The kids from the wrong side of the tracks who smoke in the breaks at school and give the impression they are soon to be drop-outs

late seventies term from suburban Baltimore that refers to the unsavory appearance, unambitious attitude, and general malaise of this group
Sport: Look, there's The Skragg and her lizard chicks.

Buddy: Yeah, she's a bigtime skank... I wouldn't fuck her with your dick.
by Snuffy February 15, 2005
cracklapper (n)
1) one who enjoys analingus
2) a cuntlapper
3) an extreme sycophant or brown noser
4) that first cold wave that gets your suit wet when wading into the ocean
Uh oh, Snuffy's putting on his assless chaps. He'll be trolling for cracklappers tonight.
by Snuffy January 31, 2005
wholefooder (n): a person who generally is against large corporations and mass-marketing, but shops at Whole Foods, seemingly without recognizing the irony that it is a large corporate chain with nationwide reach and global supply base.

(credit for parts of this definition due to Miss Muffin)
Wholefooder: " I just got organic Costa Rican bananas at Whole Foods- only $2.09 a pound."
by Snuffy February 01, 2005
'Back ass' A continuation of the gluteal cheeks up the back of 'the larger lady' so that the feminine crack ends up half way up the back, sometimes to shoulder blade level, resulting in what looks like butt cheeks that go all the way up. Often, bass can be seen poking out the top of leggings, when worn with a boob tube. Bass often goes hand in hand with fupa.
Jesus, look at Shaniqua's bass all hanging out over there. she's a whole lotta love ain't she!
by snuffy February 15, 2005
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