used in hebrew to describe a person which isnt connected to reality
"I dont know whats her problem"
- "well, she lives in a movie..."
by lucia March 27, 2005
Top Definition
the phrase is used when one is not really conected to his envoirnment.
the phrase can be used for men/women/children and any other type.
for emphesizing the meaning one may use reletive phrase: "eats movies"
shimon:have you seen that blond bomb? she wants me....
oshri:leave it shimon, you live in a movie!
shimon:no, i'm telling you oshry, i did her last night!
oshri: stop eating movies on her!!!
by moran milly July 09, 2005
'eats movies' can also be used to describe someone who's very confused and worried about the outcome of his deeds (after doing a bad thing, even if unintended).

Moreover, 'get out of the movie' is a phrase someone tells the other, when he's talking bullshit or when he (the speaker) doesn't beleive the other guy.
gal: "A week ago I did some girl that I met, and I feel realy sick and dizzy now. I'm eating movies that I caught some disease from her"

eli: "Get out of the movie, You just caught a cold or something"
by boaz__ July 27, 2005
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