Snowboard slang for the very end of a snowboard jump. A lip is the very end where the jump has a little kick to it.
forget that jump how am I supposed to bust a cab 9 with that much of a lip on that jump
by April 27, 2003
Live In Peace.
Used as a sign off, as opposed to Rest In Peace.
Kinda like RIP, but for alive people.

heeeeey, hows it going?
i heart you guys.
by Hannah McAwesome April 11, 2007
An increasingly popular contraction that stands for "laughing in public".

Originated by the infamous underground rappers Tay T & Mar J in a collaboration with Drizzy, LIP is used commonly in chatrooms, on social networking websites, and through text. It is a subtle way to express the embarrassment that occurs after encountering something so funny that it is impossible to stifle your laughter whilst in public.

Can also be used to describe laughing at a computer screen, even and especially if you're all alone.

Often used repeatedly.
M: *Texts a picture*
T: She looks like a burrito
by MarTay January 04, 2013
A derogatory term for a person that talks too much or that gives too much smack talk without being able to back it up.

"Lips" was a popular term among military brats in the 1970s.
Shut up, lips.

I did it and then lips over there chickened out. Last time I listen to him.
by ebaconjr July 02, 2009
the small part of the rim that is next to the tire which usually is a different color than the rim
james:hey mtv welcome to my crib and first let start with the cars this is a mercedez with black T.I.S rims with a chrome lip
mtv cameraman:that shit looks hot!!!
by dilan January 22, 2008
A ration of shit or a verbal hard time.
Don't gimme no lip, you shitweasel.
by Percy Dovetonsils III August 02, 2003
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