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An open-minded person that has not yet tried something, but is willing to learn.

Compare to prenoob, which can be used in a derogatory manner.
Kick ass! That new game comes out tomorrow. Any of you prenoobtuals want to try it out with me?

Compare with, "You suck, prenoob."
by ebaconjr April 17, 2007
A derogatory term for a person that talks too much or that gives too much smack talk without being able to back it up.

"Lips" was a popular term among military brats in the 1970s.
Shut up, lips.

I did it and then lips over there chickened out. Last time I listen to him.
by ebaconjr July 02, 2009
A person that starts a discussion on a volatile topic such as politics or religion, and then withdraws from the conversation. The phrase comes from using a swizzle stick to stir a drink and then pulling it out.
Hahaha. That Joe was such a swizzle stick today. He walked into the break room and asked us what we thought about the election and then walked out.
by ebaconjr October 21, 2008

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