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Child Rapist
by Benton March 23, 2003
a mini mosher is a ten to thirteen year old youth, who belives that they are being special/different by dressing the same as shitty bands like good charloote and evanecence, they only like mainstreem faker pop wanna b rock music, that they buy from tesco. they are not the future of rock and i hate them all,
terms mini moshers use
*do u like my key chain, i think it makes me look so different/hard,
*letz mosh 2 evanecence they rock, dont mess my hair up thow,, ma mummy dun it
*fuckin diiiiirty townies every where (dissapointing fact but true, in 6 months time you WILL b cum 1)
by benton February 29, 2004
Whore bagel is an insult that is usually directed towards people who are stupid and or more "whorish" then others.
Brianna you aint nothin but a dirty whore bagel!
by Benton November 15, 2004
variation of pwnt

Basically a term denoting complete and utter victory over a person or inanimate object.
dude I am way too "leet" to say "owned," and I completely need to denote my victory over that person and/or inanimate object... I'll use "prownt."
by BENTON December 26, 2003
lips means the pussy
as in the lips between the hips
by Benton December 12, 2003

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