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To move one's lips in synchronization with a recorded speech or song
I can't Believe that she would lip-sync to her own song.
by Light Joker March 20, 2006
48 12
ashlee simpson, paris hilton, milli vanilli
that douche bag was lip-syncing on SNL
by koolkas August 11, 2006
56 15
1)Milli Vanilli.

2)Ashlee Simpson.

3)a version of lip movement in which a recorded version of a song is being played and a self-described "artist" moves their mouth to the words being sung, stimutaneously dancing in a choegraphed fashion.

4)Fake talent. Also known as acid reflux.
1)"Did you hear about that band Milli-Vanilli that was around before you were born? They started the whole lip-syncing trend. apparently it caught on..."

2)She may have acid reflux, but she can sure do a great hoedown.

3)"And here we have Hilary Duff lip-syncing while looking into a mirror, which serves as the rigerous rehersal for her next tour..."

4)"Hey man, she couldn't sing so she had a right to lip sync! It says so in the rules...."
by raquel.w March 22, 2006
37 5