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To move one's lips in synchronization with a recorded speech or song
I can't Believe that she would lip-sync to her own song.
by Light Joker March 20, 2006
1)Milli Vanilli.

2)Ashlee Simpson.

3)a version of lip movement in which a recorded version of a song is being played and a self-described "artist" moves their mouth to the words being sung, stimutaneously dancing in a choegraphed fashion.

4)Fake talent. Also known as acid reflux.
1)"Did you hear about that band Milli-Vanilli that was around before you were born? They started the whole lip-syncing trend. apparently it caught on..."

2)She may have acid reflux, but she can sure do a great hoedown.

3)"And here we have Hilary Duff lip-syncing while looking into a mirror, which serves as the rigerous rehersal for her next tour..."

4)"Hey man, she couldn't sing so she had a right to lip sync! It says so in the rules...."
by raquel.w March 22, 2006
Pronounced in Korean as li'pu sinku - a new sub-genre of k-pop (re)invented and used as a method of lucrative musical idol production by Mr. Lee Soo Man, founder and main shareholder of SM Entertainment, South Korea. Representative performer of sub-genre is a boy group EXO. Main feature of sub-genre involves absence of live singing on live performances of the group on the music shows and concerts (except for rare solo or ballad performances) featuring an acrobatic and complex choreography and other visual effects admired by rabid fangirls. Results in over lucrative sales of the digital and physical albums due to the impossibility to otherwise actually hear the music performed.
"Dance and lip-sync were a method to target Asia" - from Lee Soo Man's interview on Korean site.
by Lady Dragon May 28, 2014
To move one's lips in synchronization with a recorded speech or song
Why would she lip sync in front of thousnands of people
by The Master of Random Words June 28, 2016
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