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Cud mean owt u want it 2 mene. Menes owt, cos it means nowt, u kno wot I mene holmes? shizzle.
"I say Brentford, there appears to be some sort of residue on my linkmy."

"Sorry Chalmers, I was having a linkmy and got carried away."
by Scoop Bloggy Blog January 16, 2004
A word that describes anything, particularily to replace a word that is on the tip of ones tongue.
Have you got the linkmy?

Wheres the linky gone?
by The professor February 26, 2004
A versatile expression capable of adopting any other meaning from context. A metasyntactic variable if you will.
"Oy Tezric, pass me that... er... linkmy off the shelf."
by Jabo January 16, 2004