Australian Lesbian
That lingo won't have a baby.
by alienstunt September 23, 2010
Otherwise known as Swian Lingo.

Lingo is a form of speech commonly used to add mild humor in ordinary speech. Lingo is most commonly seen on the internet in chat.

There are 4 basic rules to lingo:

1.Pronouns and only pronouns are placed at the end of the sentence, and the pronouns must be the topic noun of the sentence.

2.Lingo can never be properly used in a commanding sentence.

3.Unless a comma is used, there should never be two pronouns pointing at the topic noun.

4.Lingo is not “Yoda talk”.
Going for a walk me.

Smart him.

Is probably going to be a nice day this.
by Comit July 14, 2004
Australian slang for a lesbian.
Jessy sure is a butch lingo
by TN73 October 07, 2010
A screwy game show based on Bingo, the online version of which screws over players miserably. PTF
Lingo threw me another stopper!
by Dodger May 05, 2003
(jamaician) Pot or marajauna
see <beastie boys> see <pot>
by Jack Acid March 14, 2005

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