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2 definitions by Catface

The sexual intercourse necessary to get you out of a funk. This act is best executed with someone you will never have to see again, and possibly while you are under the influence of alcohol.

The need for a "funk fuck" can be identified by constantly complaining about things you cannot change, or can change, yet choose to complain about instead of making an effort to change--usually job, weight, finances, etc.

(Speaking of a friend) I'm so sick of listening to her complain. What she needs is a solid funk fuck.

(Calling out an unusually uptight someone) Baby, what you need is a funk fuck.
by catface September 05, 2008
Language, terminology, or Dialect.
Usually of a particular "Kind" or within a certain "group", "culture" etc.
Martin didn't know the local "Lingo". So he waved instead.
by Catface July 06, 2012