Language or special words that the locals speek in the area u are in.
try to speak the lingo right while we are in autralia.
by kyle August 24, 2004
Top Definition
word style
an individuals dictionary
I don't use smelly in my lingo.
by Jebus Bob Rice March 07, 2003
ones form of language
snoop dogg 'fo shizzle my nizzle'
pootie tang 'sine ur pitty on da runny kine'
by Masterpete April 05, 2004
words or speech used in a particular area or circumstance
If you can't understand the lingo than you ned to work on your vocabulary.
by Light Joker November 29, 2006
Australian lesbian woman
Stephen Colbert says, "I know all the gay lingo. I also know that lingo is Australian lesbian"
by JagguDada September 24, 2010
Otherwise known as Swian Lingo.

Lingo is a form of speech commonly used to add mild humor in ordinary speech. Lingo is most commonly seen on the internet in chat.

There are 4 basic rules to lingo:

1.Pronouns and only pronouns are placed at the end of the sentence, and the pronouns must be the topic noun of the sentence.

2.Lingo can never be properly used in a commanding sentence.

3.Unless a comma is used, there should never be two pronouns pointing at the topic noun.

4.Lingo is not “Yoda talk”.
Going for a walk me.

Smart him.

Is probably going to be a nice day this.
by Comit July 14, 2004
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