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peeing on someone
R. Kelly gavce a golden shower to a 12 year old girl
by dipshit April 28, 2003
Gaylords who allways seem to have shit for brains
Pla975 who is a gay lord that HAS shit for brains
by Dipshit January 20, 2004
your screwed and fucked up its over...i cant believe you fucked my mom...
jennie told steve she couldnt believe hed fucked her mom AGAIN so she told him they needed to talk
by dipshit September 27, 2003
a mountain redneck term for"do you want to?"
yaunt to go back yonder and boink?
by dipshit November 08, 2003
little, small
My lil ass.
by Dipshit February 11, 2003
a cocksucking boss
ron cain is a fucking cocker
by dipshit September 05, 2003
some kid from Ethiopia that gained 40 pounds and got brain surgery.
"You fuckin dumbass, don't pull a Sylas."
by dipshit March 28, 2003

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