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2 definitions by Pieter

kots is an action that happens when you had to much to drink, to much to eat, and went on a roller coaster. people usually get mad if you kots on them. its a south african word used all over the world, because of its flexibility and powerfulness
die ou voor my het op my geKOTS, ek gat hom dik donner...

the guy infront of me barfed on me, im gonna hit him...
by Pieter December 14, 2004
Acronym for "Laughing Inside Loudly." Term used by those honest IMers that, when replying to a joke, acknowledge the joke and instead of really laughing, they subtlety chuckle without making noise.
An Example of use in an IM conversation:
Person A: She fell down the stairs and landed in mustard, subsequently ruining her white dress.
Person B: Oh that's too bad, lil.
by Pieter May 05, 2004