Coming up off someone's shit by jacking their illegal merchandise
"Let's go pull a lick on this dumb NIGGER for his four peezies."
by ToNeeLoC December 22, 2003
1. To drop quickly or come down unexpectedly.
2. Failure to walk.
The parking lot was icy and Kerri totally licked when she went out to start the car. She broke her sacrum in three places but it was worth it cause it made us laugh.
by D. H. Kelly March 13, 2006
to try and get over on someone
you think i did'nt see take that money off my dresser
you tryin to run lick
by Najee December 12, 2003
it means getting the crap beat out of you for your money or anything of worth
Im going to put a lick on that man
by Nathan November 17, 2003
Converse Chucks, With Tounges Out.. .. Name Made Popular In Roanoke Virginia..
Yo Your Licks Are Dope! Where You Get Them At??
by All Star Kar March 25, 2011
n. A line of cocaine.
I was doin' licks so much last night I thought my nose was gonna fall off!
by Lucky Loch April 06, 2003
I was unbeliavble the way he layed it down like that!
by Keta April 19, 2003
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