1. cream of the crop; best; the shit

2. a lesbian, or what they do to each other
"Givin' y'all nothing but the lick like two broads
Got more lyrics than the church got 'Ooh Lords'
" - Doom, Madvillainy
by astroman September 09, 2004
sucks; is not good; bad
This party licks....lets jet
by paul August 08, 2003
faggot - or someone who can't hang
"I threw up at my brothers party one time and now he won't buy me alcohol" "haha lickkkk"
by kt135853 August 11, 2014
A girl that is easy to fuck, get head from, etc. with little or no effort.
Man me and my niggas bout to go hit this lick named Dakota
by Ddubtgod May 01, 2011
Referring to liquid Ketamine, commonly used in New York City in the 90's.
''Yo Jon, lemme swing thru your crib before the party tonight so I can cook up these licks...my moms' home so I can't do it here. ''

''We only fuck with licks 'cause you never know what kind of shit these suckers are selling out there ''
by JayTeeNYC May 13, 2010
"So how did your interview at the Drga House go?" Illaria
"Uggggh, it licked! It licked SO hard!" Claudio
"Aww, picato. It's terrible to lick. Sorry about the crash and burn." Illario
by J Cecala January 04, 2008
To draw the tongue over something or someone.
I found a picture of a hot guy licking his boyfriend's neck.

*licks Matt's neck now after he posts this?* x3
by Tiggers August 18, 2005
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