Extremely annoying, scene, pierced, slutty, myspacing bitches. They tend to do coke, choke on tiny dicks in movie theatres, make false accusations, say "chubby bunny", attend shows, harass people through voicemail and myspace, pierce themselves, and ~*7yp3 lyk d!$*~. They honestly believe everyone in their right mind wants to be like them.

Being a licious requires: timmycat, septum rings, skunk streaks, rockin' da pink/blue, cocaine, asian, excessive make-up, blunts, myspace, shows, buffalo check/plaid/leopard/zebra print clothing, skinny jeans.

Tastic 1 - "Hey, did you see that licious at the movie theater?"
Tastic 2 - "Yeah, she was choking on Myke Malignant's weiner."
by markheffx3 March 19, 2008
Top Definition
A suffix that can be placed at the end of most other words.

Once "licious" is placed at the end of a word, it now usually has sexual connotations or is of ghetto nature. It is meant to imply that the thing or person is voluptuous, sexy or 'juicy'.

This suffix was originally implimented by beyonce in the common catch phrase "bootylicious".

Parents and middle-aged talk show hosts often use this to parody the ghetto culture, much as they latched onto the suffix "izzle".



Girl #1 "She's gotten so ghetto lately"
Girl #2 "yeah, she's practically slutalicious"
by Morgan and Tassia May 29, 2007
shortened version of delicious. used for particularly delicious foods/drinks.
This cake is licious!
by Kirachan January 10, 2010
A.the result of seeing a common word and thinking it has the suffix licious at the end. it is a brain disorder, i'm pretty sure. It happens because you glance at something and for some reason see licious at the end of it.

B.or, you feel really fairy-ish today and decide to call everything something-licious
A. upon seeing someone's shirt that says polo club- "woah i so thought your shirt said pololicious"

B. O-M-G that is so sexilicious, that is so gorgeoulicious, that is so amazilicious, that is so completely licious!
by ohsorandom August 29, 2008
A group of a very pretty, scene, popular high school girls.
Did you see the licious girls at the show? The short one changed her hair again, it looks so cute.
by unknown user 666 February 13, 2008
The word "licious" is a commonly used suffix to a emphasize something of highly pleasing respect. Stolen from the word, "Delicious", the suffix word has often been tagged to proper names such as the word "Jackalicious".
Jackalicious is one sexy man!
by Jaytey January 23, 2011
extremely annoying girls that think they're cool and scene. most of the time it's a requirement to do coke if you want to be a licious. they're ugly without makeup, and 75% of them have crazy noses.
haha did you see that licious today? her cheap extensions were falling out all over the place!
by unknown user 333 February 21, 2008
suffix: used to denote excellence or the fullness in quality of a trait
"The bratwurst are German-licious"
by Marty the Cheese Tamer June 06, 2007

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