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1 definition by markheffx3

Extremely annoying, scene, pierced, slutty, myspacing bitches. They tend to do coke, choke on tiny dicks in movie theatres, make false accusations, say "chubby bunny", attend shows, harass people through voicemail and myspace, pierce themselves, and ~*7yp3 lyk d!$*~. They honestly believe everyone in their right mind wants to be like them.

Being a licious requires: timmycat, septum rings, skunk streaks, rockin' da pink/blue, cocaine, asian, excessive make-up, blunts, myspace, shows, buffalo check/plaid/leopard/zebra print clothing, skinny jeans.

Tastic 1 - "Hey, did you see that licious at the movie theater?"
Tastic 2 - "Yeah, she was choking on Myke Malignant's weiner."
by markheffx3 March 19, 2008