A better choice than conservative, as Liberals actual want the world to get out of this shitty condition.
Damn, I hope that fuckwit Bush is replaced by a Liberal in 2004. If not, I might have to move to Mexico.
by Johnny Rocketfingers September 22, 2003
Liberalism is really the politics of the thinking man. Areas of the country with the highest percentages of educated people, for example, are overwhelmingly liberal. Stereotypically, liberals know too much for their own good. Oftentimes while conservatives are busy making horrible political decisions, liberals alone bear the burden of actually having to understand what consequences will arise. See also, Democrat, which is a happy middle ground politically speaking for liberals who have too much money to be totally idealistic, or for marginalized groups who have traditionally been alienated by the antics of many in the Republican party.
The so-called liberal bias is actually a bias in the level of education attained. For example, university professors are overwhelmingly liberal in national samples, which coincides with their having attained advanced degrees.
by Jonny Wainwright June 05, 2006
a person that appears to prefer peaceful diplomatics and minimization of violent acts, against other countries, people, etc. They SEEM to be louder in polls and how they feel about politics. All of this is based on where I have lived, therefore I may be wrong, but I don't think so. Also, if a conservative disagrees strongly with a liberal, they refer to them as a communist.
a liberal is a person that is the political opposite of a conservative.
I have voted in 3 polls so far.
I wish Bush didn't start the War on Terror.
Antonyms: Conservatives GOP

n.)The people who balanced our budget, invented social security, and won both World Wars.
n.)The people who belive in gay rights, women's rights, minority's rights, and people's rights, and black people
n.)The people who understand polotics
n.)The only people preventing Armagedon and/or a complete totalitarian rule by idiotic southerners
adj.)To be smart
adj.)To let yourself go

Words with the same root:Liberty, Liberate, Library
Ashy Larry:Hey Tyrone!
Tyrone:What nigga? I'm smoking crack.
Ashy Larry:You a liberal?
Tyrone:Damn strait nigga

Cletus (the slack-jawed yokel):What woman?
Brandine:Are you a liberal?
Brandine:Why not?
Cletus:Cuz... cuz... liberals are stupid. Now help me nail this here racoon to that thar tree.
by Chrispy March 12, 2005
Someone who chooses a happier existence by way of not being insulted by every single thing other than him/herself.
Does being pissed off at Paganism and homosexuality make you happy? Or does it just make you pissed off? Liberals have mastered the ancient art of accepting things and MOVING ON WITH THEIR LIVES! Try it sometime...
a word meaning generous or a lot which comes from the latin adjective ilberalis, is, e.
he made a very liberal donation.
by Timber Wolf September 29, 2006
An individual who attempts to see the bigger picture. One who questions authority, and who believes in actual freedom, not dictated freedom, as is handed down by republican politicians.
Any free-thinking individual who doesn't rely on archaic texts like the bible to dictate how they live.
by Tragic April 07, 2003

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