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I wish to begin by saying that no definition of Liberal can be found without some personal bias of the author. I myself am a liberal, and although I believe this to be a comprehensive definition, others will define Liberal in a more callous sense. They are mistaken, but that's just my opinion. "Baby killer", for instance, is merely a stereotype of a liberal.

Of the left wing in the political spectrum; liberal is a broad term usually lost in the flurry of stereotypical distinctions like Democrat, Anarchist, Libertarian, Green, or Socialist. Liberals typically value personal freedom and the well-being of others over their own moral opinions. Liberals have been the moving force in American culture for centuries, with the conservatives being the holding force. Liberals were responsible for the emancipation and suffrage of blacks, women's suffrage, the teaching of evolution, and other political decisions considered controversial by the right. Atheists are typically associated with the left, as are gays, blacks, "pro choice" proponents, and American intellectuals. It is confusing to associate either liberals or conservatives with America's financial base, because both sides have wealthy families. America's religious base is more commonly aligned with conservatives, and thus most attacks on liberals are fueled by religious fervor (criticizing liberals on being pro-choice on abortion, on not supporting the War in Iraq, on calling for stricter enforcement of separation of church and state, etc). In recent years, there have been few good representatives of Liberalism, those few being Michael Moore, Howard Dean, John Kerry, and a handful of relatively unknown writers and artists (Howard Zinn, Zach De La Rocha, etc).
Why do conservatives call liberals "commies", even though communists are conservatives themselves? Is it too hard to say "socialists"?
by Mr. Evan June 30, 2005
A word meaning open minded. Ironic then how the majority of Americans hate liberals and liberalism and yet claim to be a tolerant and free society. Surely some mistake...
He wants free health care, an end to the death penalty and to use diplomacy before war.

Is he european?

No hes a fucking liberal lets all hate him!

Erm no.
by Bez lad, give it a tug, mmmm December 21, 2004
A word Americans has no clue as to its meaning.
Another derogatory word used by small minded bible pushing hypocrites to box anyone that has an opposing view.
Progressive thinker in an evolving society
Oh…last but not least, a person that does not agree that W.M.D spells liberation.

“Was watching Fox news and this liberal dude with the glasses next to Sean Hannity (the Jewish looking one they seem to invite every night) must be a fag as he did not agree with Ann Coulter and made her mad…she tried hard to explain in English that WMD spells liberation, he even objected to her idea of us nuking France”

by Libby Rawl October 04, 2005
A truly compassionate person. One who thinks that there is more to life than making money. Unlike conservatives, believes that government has a responsiblity to take care of ALL citizens, not just the white, wealth males.
Liberals are responsible for pulling America out of the Great Depression, creating Medicare and keeping the Christian Coalition from taking over your life.
by Middle America March 30, 2004
One who is polically speaking, party neutral. One who examines both sides of an issue before making a stance, and also will re-examine their stance upon presentation of new evidence.
A liberals views are not limited by bigotry, tradition, dogma, tradtion, etc. They are based on the results of their own observations and investigations into a subject from as many sides as possible.
While the liberal prefers to use logic over emotion, it does not mean he is without a heart. A liberal is just a capable of compassion as another man. He only tries to avoid the irrationality that can result from stong emotions.
Are you a Republican or a Democrat? Neither I'm a liberal.
by MrBobaFett October 28, 2004
The top percentage of intelligence in America. Unfortunately, their are enough conservatives to simply overwhelm Liberals, especially in the uneducated and regilious zealot redneck states.
New York voted for John Kerry even when it was attacked by terrorists. Conservatives response to the terrorist attacks were to invade one country that had very little to do with 9/11 attacks and another that had absolutely nothing to do with it. What retards.
by booser July 20, 2005
a word to describe people who actually think about what is right in american politics
i am liberal and proud of it
by bob April 17, 2005