An individual who attempts to see the bigger picture. One who questions authority, and who believes in actual freedom, not dictated freedom, as is handed down by republican politicians.
Any free-thinking individual who doesn't rely on archaic texts like the bible to dictate how they live.
by Tragic April 07, 2003
Well-off college students that live with their parents and have never held an actual job before (outside of "food manufacturing"). They usually major in communications, sociology, art, film, woman's studies, English, or any other major that doesn't actually require any actual effort or provides a degree you can actually start a career with outside of McDonalds.

The average liberal has read an average of 7 pages from a Noam Chomsky book and has watched 2 or 3 Michael Moore documentaries (usually while baked, how else could you watch Moore?), and thus have declared themselves to be all-knowing and all-seeing about everything. Most hardly ever read a newspaper regularly or have done actual scholarly research. They typically believe that music lyrics are a legitimate source of information.

If you disagree with liberals, they will accuse you of being a racist (even if the topic at hand has nothing to do with race), or will resort to what is known as "guilt-mongering" (it's YOUR fault that Christopher Columbus murdered millions of natives 500 years ago, as an example).
Hey look at those liberal film-majors with their $300 IPods their parents bought them and holding their $5 frappo lattes preaching about how "oppressed" they are in the US. I like their red/olive green Che Guevara t-shirts. It goes well with the Napoleon Dynamite-afros they all have.
by Evil Fascist Neocon Warmonger April 17, 2005
I think that, unlike many people posting here, I'll use rational argument to prove my points...

1. Liberals are smarter than Conservatives in general. Type in '2004 Election by IQ' into Google or some other search engine.
2. Liberals are more stable than conservatives when it comes to family and the like. In New England, the most liberal part of the country, there are 2.4 divorces per 1000 people. In Texas, there are 4.2 divorces per 1000 people. In the Bible belt, divorce is at the highest rates in the country.
3. Liberals believe in strict economic laws and loose laws dealing with personal freedoms. Abortion, DUH. If you don't want to get one, don't get it. Seriously, some radical christian families in the midwest are living in trailers with six or seven
half-starved children because they are anti-condom, anti-abortion fundamentalists who are lobbying to have the supposedly "immoral" rights outlawed. Yet they fail to realize that abortions keep mistakes from happening (rape and perverted incest) and that they are in a dogshit condition because they don't know that the average child costs about $220,000.
the average wage and marriage age in the south and bible belt is lower than those in the north, mainly california, oregona, new england, DC, washington. blue states. More blue staters have completed college than red-staters.

"The liberals from Massachusetts have long prided themselves on their emphasis on education, and it has paid off: People who stay in school longer get married at a later age, when they are more mature, are more likely to secure a better job, and job income increases with each level of formal education. As a result, Massachusetts also leads in per capita and family income while births by teenagers, as a percent of total births, was 7.4 for Massachusetts and 16.1 for Texas."
Boston Globe, or NYTimes. (don't remember)

If you find anything that contradicts this information (proof, really) post it!
by Diego D.A. June 11, 2006
The term varies a lot between contexts, so, to avoid looking like a dumbass], I'll stick with the ones I know.

#1: Liberal, adjective, non-political.

Stating using a large dosage of something or having mostly nonrestrictive views about issues such as sex or religion.

Example: I used a liberal amount of sugar to make those cookies. I am fairly liberal when it comes to what Church I go to. I am liberal and venturesome in the bedroom.

#2: Liberal, adjective, political.


Due to the sheer amounts of hate and propoganda floating around here, I will try to be as objective as possible.

Liberals are generally on the left side of the political spectrum. This is the same side as communists, fascists, and socialists. However, most liberals are not communists, or fascists, or socialists to any significant degree. Communism is to the far end of Liberalism. It is about the destruction of all class and property distinctions between people, like China during the Great Leap Forward. Fascism is a strong, centrist dictatorship, but is not communist. An example would be Suddam Hussein's Iraq.

See below to continue.
Socialism is the blanket term that most accurately describes what many moderate liberals believe. It is like a watered-down form of communist in it's media-presented form. However, it is not that simple. It is about the government and the people aiding one another and distributing supplies and wealth according to a system. The degree of socialism ranges strongly, from almost non-existent levels such as in ancient Rome's alimentia, which was free bread and vegetable soup to the poor. The extreme end would be Hitler's Germany, which had programs for the betterment of certain Germans. It brought the country out of WW1, but it turned essentially fascism with social security.

I think I've said enough. If you haven't figured it out already, I am a Liberal. Thats the end of part 1. I'd post more, but someone implemented limits on how long entries can be.
by cogitator June 09, 2010
people who think that people who work hard don't deserve their hard-earned money, and that instead it should go in the hands of those who don't do shit.

i.e.; instead of teaching a man to fish, you just give a man a fish. thus the man leeches off the hard-working fisherman instead of catching his own fish, thus preventing economic growth for all.

This example, stated by Jesus Christ, proves that he was a conservative. Liberals who say that Jesus was a liberal are full of shit because Jesus isn't pro-choice.
Because of the damn liberals at my college, I pay full tuition at my college to be a good student while my roommates smoke weed all the time on a full ride.


Because all the damn liberals voted for Obama, our country is headed for a complete shit hole all for the sake of a "get out of racism free" card.
by varwa March 02, 2010
Someone who thinks that killing an unborn child is free choice, but killing a convicted murderer or a child rapist is "insensitive".

Someone who think the government should control all aspects of life examples: Healthcare, Education, Business, personal income, and religious beliefs (So nobody can be offended).

Someone who thinks that eliminating poverty is more important than preserving economic freedom in life.

Someone who thinks that fair taxation is not fair until the people who make more money pay more than their fair share.

Someone who supports such extreme environmental regulations that drilling for oil in the US is virtually impossible, but also fight against any source of energy that actually works (Nuclear, Coal). But they can also support ethanol that takes approximately 1.5 gallons of diesel fuel to provide the power to make 1 gallon of "environmental friendly" ethanol.
They must also subsidize ethanol companies, therefore creating a money vacuum into a doomed energy policy. Which not too mention has decreased US food production and therefore has led to a worldwide increase of countries with food shortages by the way.

Someone who supports free speech as long as it doesn't contradict what they believe, then it's no longer free speech, but "hate speech."

They must also be completely ignorant of history which shows us that increase in government control ultimately leads to the destruction of freedom. Examples: The Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, The People's Republic of China, etc.

Someone who believes in equal economic outcome (an aspect of socialism) instead of inequality based on what you earned (an aspect of capitalism).

Someone who blindly believes that the government would never do anything to hinder the freedoms of people no matter how much power it is given and the government is the solution to all economic and social problems because they actually know what's best for you, not the individual. Remember, Big Brother is here to help you, not hurt you.

There are of course many other things that you must blindly believe in order to be a liberal in the modern political American aspect of the word. Regardless of what history teaches us about government control in people's lives.
Conservative: Doesn't history show us that too much government control, even with good intentions, leads to inevitable destruction of freedom?

Liberal: That's only because the wrong people were in power

Conservative: What makes modern American liberals so different?

Liberal: Because WE have the best interest of the people on our minds.

Conservative: That's what every oppressive government in history said when they eliminated freedoms for the sake of the "common good"

Liberal: But we're different! We're not eliminating freedom, but eliminating people's choice to make wrong decisions.

Conservative: So who decides what's "best for the people", the government? How does that make you different than a socialist?

Liberal: WE JUST ARE! You're a racist! And a Bigot! And you don't care about anybody but the super rich!

Conservative: Why? Because I don't want the government to have complete control in people's lives? But instead give the people the right to prosper if they choose, or to not if they choose?

Liberal: Just shut up! You're an ignorant, Christian, redneck, homophobe!

Conservative: My point exactly.
by Ethan Daigle April 21, 2008
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