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1 definition by CrystDron

Ignorant freedom-haters who don't think it's worth their time to read up on "the facts". They think that killing soon-to-be babies is right and that noone should have at least a chance at life, no matter how bad it may be. They all praise their pagan forest god Al Gore, whose house emits ten times as many greenhouse gases as a normal house. During the Civil War, they supported slavery against the newly formed Republican party, which was against slavery. Many American liberals cannot speak proper English, either speaking in a completely incoherent "big city" accent, or like they think that they're a rapper. Many value material objects and sex over anything else, and others think that everyone who doesn't think their way should be shot. A common profession among liberals is that of the drug dealer.
"That liberal stole my shoes!"
by CrystDron February 28, 2007