Lesbians who act like bros, play COD, drink beer, and smoke weed all day.

The gay version of a girl gamer.

Broho Ho
I wanted to go to the bars but all my lezbro friends wanted to do was play beer pong.
by MDMyAy October 25, 2011
Top Definition
A heterosexual male who has non-sexual, yet very close, personal relationships with lesbians. These relationships may be sexually non-threatening, and are often based on searching out other women for sexual relationships.
My brother's a lezbro because he is always hanging out with lesbians - he says it's because they have similar tastes in women!
by FJBKBMPM September 09, 2007
A straight man with many lesbian friends.

John doesn't get hassled at the Dyke bar because he is a total Lezbro.
by AdamR July 22, 2007
When a straight man is friends with a lesbian or group of lesbians.
If a straight girl hangs around gay guys she's a Faghag. If a straight guy hangs around lesbians he is a Lezbro.
by Ringtone Records October 17, 2011
A heterosexual man who enjoys the company of the gay female community. This is basically the male version of a "Fag Hag," and a "Lez Bro" is comfortable going to gay bars, attending lesbian events, and watching "Ellen."
John is a straight guy who lives in Dupont Circle in Washington DC. John likes going out with his lesbian neighbors better than he likes going out with his law-school buddies. John is a true Lez Bro.
by Honeyboy Wilson September 27, 2011
A heterosexual male whos best friend is a lesbian. He has a very strong relationship with her and will provide everything that a bestfriend does and more. Help her with everyday struggles, tell deepest secrets with eachother, and maybe even cuddle when needed, because who doesn't enjoy a good cuddle with a bestie. They'll go out and scope out hotties together, maybe even share the same taste in women. If they run into one they both want to go after maybe they'll share;) or not. A lezbro can get a lot of satisfaction from having a lesbian bestfriend.

When it all comes down, a lezbro is just a friend. Some who cares deeply for another person and will do anything to make sure their friend is ok.
Where is Sarah? Her and her lezbro are hanging out.
by marcus22 November 05, 2014
A lesbian who could easily be confused with a 'bro'. Hangs out with other lezbros, drinks beer, plays video games, dresses like a bro, etc. Basically, a lesbian that embodies the bro persona.
She is a total bro
No, I'm pretty sure she is a lezbro
by Poppaeam May 26, 2010
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