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the action of being a lezbo, hardcore lesbian
she is very lezbionic
by bmm November 12, 2007
8 2
1. a lesbian to the most extreme!!
2. what happens when your friend cant tell that the song is saying "lets be honest" and thinks its saying lezbionic
1. Danggg did u see those lezbionic lesbians making out with pop rocks in their mouths?
2. "Are any y'all into girls like I am? lets be honest" from song every girl. can sound like the word lezbionic
by I dont like lesbionics July 10, 2009
12 7
lezbionic is my new made-up word. if a girl shows signs that are something to do with lezbians she is: lezbionic or being lezbionic.
I hope this word comes usefull as i think i can use it in a variety of sentences and comments.

thanks :) x
Those girls are so lezbionic!
by ShazziieXx July 22, 2009
3 5