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A company that makes office equipment to the absolute lowest standards of quality ever conceived by man.
You can count on not being able to count on this crappy lexmark printer.
by Mordac February 13, 2008
63 9
a money hungry printer company that fired all their orlando technicians so that way the can open outside support in New York, India, and Canada with very little training.
All of Lexmark's printers are crap
by Previous Orlando Tech April 25, 2003
58 10
A cleap ass company that fired all its amployees to hire a bunch of canadians because they work for cheaper.
Lexmark sucks.
by professor killjoy March 17, 2003
59 28
A lame company that won't or can't upgrade it's drivers to work with XP.
P122 printer I own that Lexmark refuses to make an XP driver for.
by working-tech November 04, 2003
38 13