1.The suave act of leaning against an object, preferably a pole or a door whilst jamming to an MP3 device; usually with the volume turned at least 3/4ths of the way up. Turning and tilting your head 45 degrees to the side is optional.

When your Lewised, you tend to focus on nothing besides the music blasting from your earbuds, and radiating style.

2.The correct way to spell "Louis".
1. ex1- Kristen: "Did you see that guy all Lewised up on that pole over there? Wow."
Miranda: "Wow."

ex2- John: "I better get Lewised up at my spot before he beats me to it!"

2. ex: Lewis1 "Who the fuck spells "Lewis" with an "ou?"
Lewis2 "queers."
by Spotlight9024 May 15, 2008
a hot tall guy with a peng tan, alluring dark eyes and an athletic build. He has the sweetest personality and makes a great boyfriend, he's also extremely clever and charming.

Lol jk;) he's pale, skinny and most likely to be an albino worm;)
'Hey did you see that white thing moving along the ground'
'Yeah bro! Looked like a Lewis to me!'
by d0lphins April 09, 2013
Ninja COD master! Could easily perform a 10 second nuke if he wanted to, but way too cool to show off in this way. Nobody on this planet is capable of more amazing COD skills.
Mike: Today I'm gonna play COD and get a Nuke in 10 seconds.
Seb: Yeah right, who do you think you are, Lewis?
by Reg COD MW2 April 09, 2010
slang term for greening out
"Oh man that guy's so high"
"Yeah, he's chucking a Lewis"
by Sppasmo June 11, 2009
A boy who is very short and thinks hes big.
That boy is a Lewis(chopsticks).
by fsffsafasf May 06, 2009

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