The best person in the world, if you have a friend or a boyfriend called lewis he will look after you no matter what!

He will always be here for you and hes sooo gorgeous!

Hes tall, handsom and has the most amazing hair ever!

Always make sure you have a lewis in your life!
by Twattttttttyyyyyy January 03, 2014
One who neglects to complete anything within a given time-frame and puts energy into frustrating others instead of where it belongs: math homework.
Person 1: I haven't done any math homework the entire year. Can I finish it in one weekend?

Person 2: Maybe...

Person 1: How about in one hour after 47 hours of video games?

Person 2: You're such a Lewis
by ISHOWEDYOU November 06, 2013
A man who is usually quite quiet, but has mad game ( usually with "Abby's")
No one thinks it but he has the biggest penis around, he has also shagged many a lady.
1:did you see that lewi
2:yeah he shagged my girlfriend and I dumped her because she couldn't walk afterwards.
by YellowToefungus May 26, 2014
Person who takes copious amounts of anabolic steroids, resulting in excessive amount of body acne, recessive hair loss and disappearance of testes. A Lewis also spends all day revising for exams that he doesn't even have. He also has a fetish for porn involving drug addicts.
"Hey Lewis, how's it going"

"Terrible! These steroids are wreaking havoc with my penis. I can't even get it up to Ron Jeremy's best bits!"
by innocentbystander2k11 November 08, 2011
A happy go lucky chap with an expertise in rollin' and chillin'. Loves house music and sitting in living rooms.
Tom: man, who's that guy who keeps sitting in the living room.
Matt: haha, I dunno man, yer I think he's like lewis of something.
Tom: He's really good at rolling.
by ClassicallyClassyGuy April 29, 2013
A Lewis is an abnormally long chin hair often believed to be caused by excess sitting and the playing of video games.
"That Lewis is poking my eye out!"
by RsTUltimatum25 January 19, 2014
The gayest of all the gaylords.
Typically found in Belgium, his home.
That Lewis was rubbing my dick in Brussels
by Sonia&SheenaAreLegends September 17, 2016
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