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let go of the past and move on with yourself
damn me an jenny broke up with me an i thought she was the perfect one for me.i guess i gotta let it ride
by REDBIRD7 May 15, 2010
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After winning money in a casino, taking your winnings and continuing to gamble with them instead of cashing out.
I won a thousand bucks in Vegas last night, but I lost it all after I let it ride.
by RySenkari July 18, 2009
1. A popular casino card game as described below, or playing roulette and letting your winning chips remain on the table in hopes of winning the same number, color, row, or any feasible bet that previously won.

2. Letting an erection stand out or be noticed in situations where one would normally try to conceal it.
In reference to definition #2.

Guy #1: Dude, I was dancing with this chick at the club last night and I started popping a mad boner.

Guy #2: Did you bust the fisherman's tuck??

Guy #1: Nah man, I let it ride!!
by Let_it_ride December 23, 2010
Withholding opinion of actions or future events that may occur.
After witnessng her placing a plastic plate and bread in the toaster oven, I feciciously said to myself, "I will let it ride."
by Lori Sadler / Garrett Rhodes July 18, 2008
A casino game popular in Las Vegas, each player receives 3 cards, and the dealer receives 2 community cards. Players can make up to 3 bets to begin, and may rescind 2 of those bets based on the strength of their hand. The game is not played "against" the dealer, per se, in order to win you generally must have at least a pair of tens.
I had two Aces in the hole, so I put up my cards in let it ride and won all 3 bets I had made.
by J S March 24, 2005

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