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A tongue-in-cheek ironic remark given to a person or group who says or does something overly offensive or classless.

Originated in the 2004 film "Anchorman" from Will Ferrell's sign-off: "Stay classy, San Diego". In the film, he meant it literally.
"The Haitian earthquake was caused by Haiti making a deal with the devil."- Pat Robertson

"Stay classy, Pat Robertson."
by RySenkari January 14, 2010
Zuko's sister, and one of the main villains of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

See also: bitch
I sure hope that bitch Azula didn't kill Suki.
by RySenkari November 18, 2006
A good retort to people who use urbandictionary to argue about politics.
You wanna argue about politics? FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKERS, go back to MySpace.
by RySenkari October 07, 2006
What you say to a woman when her big fat ass is in front of the TV.
Move bitch! The game is on!
by RySenkari November 18, 2006
After winning money in a casino, taking your winnings and continuing to gamble with them instead of cashing out.
I won a thousand bucks in Vegas last night, but I lost it all after I let it ride.
by RySenkari July 18, 2009
A cock that has journeyed into every pussy of its time. A cock so massive and enormous that it will be spoken of throughout the centuries, and songs of its glories will be sung for thousands of years.
He scored with Elisha Cuthbert, Jessica Alba, AND Paris Hilton at the same time? Truly, gentlemen, this man possesses the Cock of Ages.
by RySenkari December 09, 2006
Several steps beyond a regular bastard, someone so treacherous, conniving, and evil that you can't believe how much of a bastard they really are. Typically uttered after the unbelievable bastard has done something shockingly wicked.
After seeing millions of bodies littered across the landscape, all I could do was turn to the man responsible and say, "you unbelievable bastard..."
by RySenkari July 29, 2009

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