On myspace/facebook/twitter it has become a trend for females to add the precursor and ending of "<3" which is supposed to symbolize a heart. The funny thing is it doesn't, but still it doesn't. Now <3 or less than 3 (its math) means love and is a common way to say the word.
Man: Man, I less than three beer.
Smart Man: Technically, you can't be lesser or greater than an item, futhermore one can't involve mathmatical equations by crossing two subject matters.
Man:See, thats why no one likes you.

Whipped Guy:Honey, I less than three you.
Bitch:Ok, howabout you show it by doing the fucking laundry.
Whipped Guy:Yes, dear.
by J to the Newberry/Krisko December 09, 2009
Top Definition
The literal form of <3, which in turn is supposed to represent a sideways heart (love). Often used when the medium won't support the bracket in <3, interpreting it as faulty HTML.
Blog Comment: I less than three you, dude!
by PRD June 13, 2003
A phrase describing the common text-icon '<3' which is used to signify love, heart, etc.
Goodbye...my less than three
by alison January 20, 2004
The keyboard derived heart (<3), which is often used as a verbal expression of amorous feelings.
"I lessthanthree you, darling."
by hippiechimp November 08, 2003
To heart someone. It comes from the internety thing <3.
Me: Donkey Kong, why do I less than three Captain Falcon so?
Donkey Kong: Aaaaoooou?!
by TheWizardof207 March 07, 2004
Less than three = <3 = "heart" used commonly on MySpace

< is the mathmatical symbol for "less than"
3 is the number
"I less than three you"
is the same as
"I <3 U"
by Miss_1221_Murder March 22, 2007
when you really wanna show ppl how you love them in a non cliquey kinda way

basically the less-than sign "<" and the number Three "3". <3
I lessthanthree you!
by elmoisawesomexcoretothemax May 02, 2005
Created by the amazing TEAMSTARKID including Darren Criss. From one of their shows A Very Potter Sequel

less than three is a heart <3 . A less sign and then the number three.
Oh a text from Umbridge.....
less than three...Oh a heart!
i rather like this human:)
by iheartstarkid June 30, 2011

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