An awesome band, who, like The Clash, Operation Ivy, Rancid preach anti-racism, it's a shame the bellend who posted before me didnt realise that ;-)
Less than jake are awesome, racist bellends can get outta here!
by Lefty_Labour_Robbo December 30, 2004
As far as I've heard so far, they're a good ska band. One of their songs (which I'm mentioning just for the title) "Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts".
The first time I heard Less Than Jake was on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 - "All My Best Friends Are Metalheads". At the time I didn't know it was ska and after going to Cornerstone Festival 2003 now love ska! Ska is the shit!
by kaze2k5 July 30, 2003
the most kick ass ska band EVER.
without less than jake the world would explode
by seatbelt February 09, 2004
an olden times american slang word meanining to be less than average.
(also th ebest ska band ! ;-))
man she's hot
nah she is less than jake if you ask me
by beef January 16, 2005
an awsome ska band...they might be considered sellouts soon becuase they are kinda becoming famous but i still love them....
by SkaEmoPunker13 March 05, 2003
A ska band which OWNS!!!!!!!!
There isn't a thing like hearing the horns from a Less Than Jake song.
by Amer August 02, 2003
3rd wave ska band... KICK ASS IN EVERY WAY! one of the bestest bass players ever who is a great bass player n has the greatest hair eva woohoo! and a kooollll tattooooooo
It is not right to say all teenagers are drunken dope addicts hoo r glue sniffers!!! ha
by Piddy October 11, 2003
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