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Boobs that belong to a Jewish woman.
Cartman: "You know what a Jewish woman's boobs are called?... Joobs..."
by Beef March 28, 2006
Gaming league, specialising in cs. Possibly the best thing ever invented.
OMGWTFHAx0R"! I'm 1st on the enemydown LADDER!!!!122
by Beef June 12, 2004
an olden times american slang word meanining to be less than average.
(also th ebest ska band ! ;-))
man she's hot
nah she is less than jake if you ask me
by beef January 16, 2005
The act of barfing on another's cock for a laugh.
I saw a fellow homosapien blow chunks down my trousers.
by beef January 06, 2004
Name for an act of toolness.
It was toolerific..
by Beef March 20, 2003
n. somthing so incredibly thug or sweet you get off from it

v. Somthing that causes Thugrections
n. That girl gave me a thugrection

v. Damn that car is thugrectus
by Beef April 05, 2004
The spurt produced predominantly by men, following love making. Women usually have less love-drip, of their own.
Love dripping - Sauce produced from making love,(the mixture of two or more persons love drip)
She wore his love-drip across her face like a salty veil.
by Beef April 04, 2004
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