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1. A man who has more friendships with lesbians than other women or men. ant. fag hag
2. A man who befriends lesbians with the intent to seduce them.
Steve is such a lesbro. He doesn't have a chance with those women.
by Sabin December 16, 2004
The male equivalent of a "fag hag".
Wow, David sure does hang out with a whole lot of lesbians, he's becoming a lesbro.
by The Germans October 07, 2008
A heterosexual man who is either one or both of the following:

1. a brother to one or more lesbian sisters

2. friends with a disproportionate amount of homosexual women
K: Wow, your brother really only hangs out with gay girls, doesn't he! And you're a big gay yourself, sister! What a lesbro you've got there!
L: Dude! I say!
by Kattums March 29, 2009
This is a term given to a straight man that has an abundance of lesbian friends. Basically the male equivelant to FagHag.
Hey check out that guys hanging out with all those Lesbians, he is such a "lesbro"
by DjDj7387 July 09, 2009
A lesbian who is close friends with another lesbian in the same way that two dudes are bros.
Dude: So are you two together?
Lesbian: Nah, she's my lesbro. You couldn't pay me to screw her.
by Nommasaurus October 05, 2013
A man that surrounds himself with lesbians or females who identify themselves as gay/queer/dyke etc. Many lesbros are unique in their own way. Some may be gay/bisexual/straight etc. There are some fake lesbros also know as faux-lesbros.
Guy 1:Oh man! Look at the guy! What's he doing with all the girls? They're pretty hot!
Guy 2: Is He gay?
Girl 1: No he's a lesbro. Duh.

by ArtistoftheWeek April 04, 2009
Two lesbian girls that are best friends.
They are therefore Lesbros.
Typically on the boi side.
Devin: Urm what's a lesbro?

Amy: Beth is my Lesbro we are lesbians and best friends.
by treehugger2234 December 24, 2011
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