A lesbian who is close friends with another lesbian in the same way that two dudes are bros.
Dude: So are you two together?
Lesbian: Nah, she's my lesbro. You couldn't pay me to screw her.
by Nommasaurus October 05, 2013
The male equivalent of a fag hag: A man who prefers the company of lesbians over straight women. The lesbro is often gay himself.
Clint is all the favorite lesbro of all the lesbians in the Upstate.
by David Coberly March 04, 2008
Two lesbian girls that are best friends.
They are therefore Lesbros.
Typically on the boi side.
Devin: Urm what's a lesbro?

Amy: Beth is my Lesbro we are lesbians and best friends.
by treehugger2234 December 24, 2011
A lesbian who also dresses, acts, and talks like a bro.
Characteristics: wife beater, tribal tattoos, blow outs, Ed hardy jeans, diesel sneakers, silver chains, too much Abercrombie 'fierce' cologne.
Carrisa: hey cassaundra I think that lesbros is hitting on us.
Cassaundra: she's flexing her muscles at us.
by HBBqueen March 28, 2011
When two studs are best friends
Sin and holla from " Is she really goin out wit him?"

Holla: see Sin be my les-bro

Sin: hellz yea
by AtomicMarie March 03, 2010
One of those manly lesbians that is a males bestfriend or bro
Ellen DeGeneres worlds most popular Lesbro
by richmondricemound December 01, 2009
A males lesbian best friend, or a female bisexual best friend current;y involved in a lesbian relationship.
1: So your best friend is gay?
2: Yeah man, she's my lesbro.
by Badthorn1 December 28, 2009

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