A straight friend of lesbians
I am straight but my friend is a lesbian, therefore I am a lesbro
by Billy78 March 11, 2014
Bulldyke lesbians with hair cut like a 14-year a-la Justin Bieber, that are in most ways indistinguishable from a teenage boy on first glance.
Is there a Justin Bieber lookalike convention in town, or was that a gaggle of lesbros?
by Alex Oopey Mason December 21, 2010
A man that looks like a lesbian.
Is that a man or a lesbian? Dude, that's a lesbro.
by lady_deathstrike February 28, 2011
1. Word to decribe a very close friendship among men.

2. Word used to describe friendship/ relationships among gay men
Hey, Sheila, I'd like you to meet my friends, Tom, Chad, and Kenneth. These guys are my lesbros! We all grew up together.
by chorizo2134 February 09, 2009
A lesbian "bro". Commonly influenced by either hip hop fashion culture or by "Frat" couture, which includes flipped up polo shirt collars, long plaid board shorts, etc.

Displays masculine qualities, but does not fall into the "butch" category. Originated in Seattle, WA.
"There were so many lesbros at the club!"

"Look, it's a butch, it's a Frat boy, it's a gangsta.... it's a LESBRO!"
by BunnyGodzilla May 08, 2009
two lesbians who are just friends
"Are sarah and liz dating? They are always together!"
"No, they're just lesbros."
by fagtastic June 11, 2008
Two homosexual females who spend a lot of time together but engage in no sexual activity.
"Hey, are you and Sandra going to get it on later?"
"No, we are just lesbros"
by Chris Sugar August 11, 2008

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