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A woman who has the ability to smooth talk a woman into loving her. Unattainable, and usually comes with commitment issues. A woman who is an amazing lover but extremely cocky. No woman is out of reach for lesbigod's as they are the definition of a perfect lover.
Well known lesbigod's from tv and internet:
Whitney Mixter
Rachel Maddow
Bitty Cunt
by lesbianloversofcali June 22, 2011
a term used for a lesbian who can pretty much have anyone she wants. who is like the ultimate lesbian both sexually and mentally. A god of lesbians so to speak.
Lesbigod examples are:
Shane and Bette from the L word.
bornthiswaybittycunt from tumblr.
by sexgodoflesbians May 19, 2011
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