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A chick; a woman; an otherwise non-descriptive female human being, usually in her 20s or 30s, often seen with two or more other women her age (described collectively as a "herd of bettes").

Usually used as a affirmative or positive colloquialism for an attractive woman or group of attractive women.
"Dude! Check out that bette over there! She's the bomb!"

"Whoa! Do you see that blonde number in that herd of bettes coming this way? I'd love to flush n fizz her tonight!"

"Holy shit!! Not again!! Who do these bettes think they are?!"
by Billy Beck O'Hannity March 30, 2010

"hung like a mule"
Chic: "You're the best I've ever had!"

You: "Well, I'm a Bettes."

Chic: "Oh yeah!" *drools over herself*
by Brandon November 19, 2004
Pronounced 'Bet', derived from Bette Midler, this word means someone that looks good 'From a Distance'- one of Ms Midler's popular songs in the 90's.
We saw him from across the cafeteria and he looked fine, but as we got closer, we discovered he was just a Bette.
by Pandie5 April 06, 2006
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