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great spartan king who slayed the many heads of persians. Slaughter many enemies of sparta and banged the queen of sparta

"Who is Leonidas?"

"What?! This is SPartAAAAAAA!!!!!!" *kicks*
by Silencer77 April 13, 2007
Awesome. Capable of dealing great physical harm.
Dude...the way you kicked that guy's ass.... Fuckin' Leonidas.
by Zeik Younge November 01, 2007
Replicating the famous scene from 300, during sex, the man ejaculates onto the womans chest and the kicks her out of bed yelling "This is Sparta!"

This can also be executed by kicking the girl in the face while she is giving head from her knees while the man is standing.
The Leonidas I gave her told her who was boss.
by K-Noodle November 28, 2007
is a beautiful young lady who loves to mess around and have fun. she has her moments of stupidity but is very bright otherwise. Everyone loves her. If you have one never let that girl go! Has two best friends in the world and one awsome guy friend. once you get to know her she is a hand full but you will love her anyway.
hey that girl over there is CRAZY! she must be a leonida!
by NIna leonida April 21, 2011
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