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really drunk
Dude check on Mike, he's pretty schwasty.
by K-noodle October 02, 2009
Philosophical statement based on Occam's Razor.

"I like boobies (major premise)
Girls have boobies (minor premise)
I like girls with boobies (conclusion)"
I wanna go dance based on Gaglio's Razor.
by K-Noodle October 30, 2006
A take on the shocker where you combine your two hands into a double shocker gesture and use in the typical way (2 in pink/1 in stink). Named after the Power Rangers fighting robot which combines all the rangers together.
I gave her the sickest Megazord
by K-Noodle October 29, 2006
During sex, the man ejaculates in one hand and defecates in the other and then slaps the woman in the face with both hands. Thus, she becomes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich of feces and semen.
I gave her a Napa Valley PBJ and told her to get the fuck out.
by K-Noodle November 28, 2007
When you put your balls on someones eyes while theyre passed out and then continuously slap them like hitting a homerun in baseball.
Man when he passed out we all gave him an Arabian Homerun.
by K-Noodle October 29, 2006
The quick combination of the question: Sucking Dick Make You Deaf? Used in normal speak to insight the reaction of "huh?" or "what?" thus making the individual appear deaf from "sucking dick".
Joe: I was gonna Sukndikmakudf.
Bob: Huh?
Joe: Nasty!
by K-Noodle October 29, 2006
A Penis.
I unleashed my fuck sword on her last night.
by K-Noodle October 22, 2009

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