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Short for "perfect" in online slang.
Person 1: "Dude, I just saw a guy with a skullet driving an El Camino with three spare tires!"
Person 2: "PERF"
by Cletis October 22, 2003
shortened version of "perfect" which is mainly used by young girls who enjoy sounding like Valley Girls.
Jillian: Today I made out with Bill and Larry.
Chloe: OMG, that is so perf!
by jillybean36 August 19, 2009
shorter word for "perfect" when you're too lazy to add the rest of the word
hey katy, your smile is perf!
by mbaKK February 28, 2010
Literally: Perfect: excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement, exactly fitting the need in a certain situation or for a certain purpose. For those too lazy to say the word in its entirety.
"How about we meet at 12:00?"

by nb062284 March 12, 2009
Short for "perfect"
"Let's have lunch at Chipotle tomorrow."

by Jenn February 26, 2003
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